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Space Busters specializing in retail and commercial real estate for lease.

About Space Busters

Search, Lease and Move!!! Space Busters specializing in retail and commercial real estate for lease. The most direct link to the marketplace, Space Busters offers to explore new markets to Tenants in a more efficient and cost effective way. In addition we have aggressive expansion plans, and are striving to provide consumers with one of the best and largest databases for commercial & Retail real estate leases.

With increased information, easier access and navigation, improved functionality and energetic expansion plans, Space Busters will attract clients from all over the city and these will comprise the citys leading Commercial & Retail real estate owners, tenants, brokers, investors and service providers.


We Space Busters, our goal is to help match you with the perfect tenant for your property. You can search out database of Tenant needs/wants,
post your property so that tenants can find it, and receive access to features that will help you market your property in the most effective way possible.
We are constantly finding new ways to help you to market your Property for potential tenants, If you have any suggestions on how we can do this better,
please let us know here “Feedback Link or Email”. ( )

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What we do

Lease Audit

Our Lease Audit compares your existing lease to current market conditions, and gives you an analysis of areas of potential cost savings...

Proposal Evaluation & Analysis

When our clients receive an offer to renew their current space, we provide a situation analysis and market report that compares the offer...

Strategic Counseling

Our consultants provide a customized situation analysis to allow our clients to leverage their position in the market. Oftentimes...

Negotiation Assistance

Many companies prefer to handle their own negotiations. They are comfortable in their current building and do not intend to move for...

Location & Occupancy Studies

Many companies have the flexibility to move their operations without much disruption to their business. We provide clients in this...


Whether you are looking for an expedious acquisition, a disposition or are waiting for the best opportunity in the market cycle...